Bus Master Affordable Pricing

Managing students and their transportation needs is a time consuming and sometimes thankless job. Bus Master was designed by working with individuals just like you. Our goal is making your job easier and freeing up your valuable time to do more productive tasks, like transporting students safely to their destinations.

Bus Master was developed by a Microsoft Certified Partner. Microsoft and Bus Master are names you can trust to develop products to make your job easier. Users from all over the United States and Canada can't be wrong!

Just ask yourself a few questions . . .

Is your current software difficult to run and expensive to own?
Do you need something that is user friendly and works the way you think?
Do you want your transportation department to become efficient in all areas, fast and affordably?
Do you want to know your costs in all areas?
Are you looking for a proven way to save time and money right now!

When your operation optimizes the power of Bus Master, it's like having a expensive transportation consultant at your fingertips without the excessive charges.

When looking at purchasing software to assist you in transportation there are four major concerns:

1. How will it help me?
2. How easy is it to use and get up and running?
3. How much will it cost?
4. What if I need it to do something different?

How will it help me?

When you purchase Bus Master you are purchasing a total solution. Imagine having complete control from Student Profiles, Routing and Activity Trips to a Complete Maintenance package. It was designed to be the only piece of software you need to effectively manage your transportation department.

We also have a complete Inventory Systems, Remote Activity Trip Entry and modules for direct import from Fuel Management and Zonar Systems.

We will send you a FREE Multimedia Demo CD of the entire package so you can see just how powerful Bus Master is and what a cost saving and time saving tool it will be for you.

How easy is it to use and get up and running?

The user interface is simple, intuitive and straight forward. Most users are up and running in less than an hour. Bus Master utilizes the familiar windows interface and an intuitive menu structure. You want to look for a student . . . click on Student Records, you want to print a report . . click on the Print Menu. Normal installation and setup is a snap. You will receive a Quick Start Guide that will help you gather the information you will need to personalize the software for your company or school. Because of it's design we can easily make any changes that your transportation department may need. If you need a report here or a slight change there . . . no problem! Call us or make the changes yourself!

How much will it cost?

When looking at costs you need to look at the initial investment versus the amount and timeframe of the payback of this initial investment. A lot of transportation software comes in different modules at different prices or you pay different prices based on the number of students you service.

Cost justification and Payback.

The first thing you will notice about the software is that there is no need for pre-printed forms. No three-part carbonless conduct slips, no invoices . . . absolutely no pre-printed forms. You will save MORE than the cost of the software the first year and keep repaying yourself year after year by simply eliminating the cost of your pre-printed forms. Now that's cost justification alone to try Bus Master. Next you will save countless labor hours by using Bus Master. No more hunting through paperwork or schedules because you can access all your information right from your computer. We have also had customers call and tell us how much money they have saved by using the Maintenance Module and the Activity Trip Module . . and the list keeps growing. Pick up the phone and call us at 913-681-2670 and we'll show you how affordable and powerful Bus Master really is!

Bus Master is an all inclusive package at one price. Lets break it down for you . . .

$3,500.00 Complete Bus Master PRO 6.0 Geocode Edition Standard
$4,000.00 Complete Bus Master PRO 6.0 Geocode Edition Inventory

This includes all the modules and the right to run this software on one computer. If you would like to run Bus Master on additional computers, it requires an additional software license that may be purchased at $100.00 per each additional workstation. The initial investment includes free software updates for one year. This does not include major upgrades. The initial investment also includes free phone technical support for one year! Call us any time, Monday - Friday between the hours of 9AM & 5PM Central Time for technical support.

Software companies bread and butter is their technical support and upgrade fees for current users. Their are companies that charge over $1,500.00 a month for support.

After your first year with Bus Master you have a choice of annual technical support and software upgrade options.

Here at Bus Master we try to keep it simple and affordable . . .

$999.00 a year for phone technical support and software guarantee. This type of program allows users to receive phone technical support and All Upgrades issued for one low annual fee.

ADD-IN Modules

Prices for Zonar Interface module:


Prices for Gas Boy or Fuel Master Interface module:

Either Fuel Systems add $500.00

What if I need it to do something different?

Bus Master was designed to be able to make quick and responsive changes based on customer needs. Most modifications like a simple report addition or adding a field are done at an affordable rate and normally within 2 days. We pride ourselves on service! Call us and we can issue you referrals from current users on just how great our service is.

System Requirements:
Bus Master runs in Microsoft Windows and was not designed for a Macintosh environment.

Windows 7 - Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office PRO 2003 or higher (includes Access) and MapPoint (latest version for routing).
We suggest Windows 8.1, Office PRO 2013 and MapPoint 2013 for optimal environment.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Operating System - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/system-requirements
Microsoft Office PRO - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/products/office-system-requirements-FX...
MapPoint - http://www.microsoft.com/mappoint/en-us/mappoint.aspx

We suggest that any PC accessing MapPoint follow these requirements:
Minimum of Dual Core Processer
Minimum of Eight Gigabytes of Ram installed on Windows 7 - Windows 8.1
Video card with at least One Gigabyte of Ram
Developing Routes - We suggest two monitors to make the process much easier.

Other PC's using Bus Master can have less ram but will not be able to route effectively.