Bus Master Software Your Total Solution to Student Transportation Software!

Bus Master Student Transportation Software is a complete transportation package for Pupil Transportation Professionals, that is powerful, affordable and easy to use. Installed in 32 states and Canada, Bus Master is steadily becoming the standard for School Districts, Head Start Programs and Contract Transportation.

Bus Master is a comprehensive package that is powerful, user friendly and most of all, affordable! When your operation optimizes the power of Bus Master, it's like having a expensive transportation consultant at your fingertips without the excessive charges.

Managing students and their transportation needs is a time consuming and sometimes thankless job. Bus Master was designed by working with individuals just like you. Our goal is making your job easier and freeing up your valuable time to do more productive tasks, like transporting students safely to their destinations. Bus Master was developed by a Microsoft Certified Partner and has been extensively tested to earn the ISV Award. Microsoft and Bus Master are names you can trust to develop products to make your job easier and faster.

Working on you Transportation Efficiency Rating, or setting your budget for the next school year?

Bus Master can produce detailed reports that give you the information you need to create your own in depth analysis of your transportation department. When you utilize the power of Bus Master, it's like having a expensive transportation consultant at your fingertips, without the excessive charges.

Bus Master tracks mileage, labor costs, parts, fuel, driver hours and number of students being transported by category. Using this information you can request detail or summary reports on any part of your operation. Knowing the cost to keep your fleet and work force running and a breakdown of students transported is vital in any department analysis. Reports are based by date range, so you can track by week, month, quarter, annually or any date range you specify. When you know ALL your costs you can make informed decisions about your budget, utilization and make precise predictions.

Reportable Mileage is easy to capture with entries for tracking fleet mileage by categories such and Activity Trips, Maintenance or any number of user defined categories. With a click of a button generate a report that gives you exact mileage broken out by your user defined categories.

Keep on top of your transportation department in the same detailed way a consultant would!
Put the power of Bus Master to work for you today!