Bus Master PRO

Purchasing a software package to handle Student Transportation is an investment in the future. It first requires you understand what areas you need the software to address. Next, on to research the many solutions available in order to find the package that is “just right” for your school district. The term "just right" requires you to understand the software features, hardware requirements, training required, monthly or annual maintenance fee's and initial price. A lot of software today may require dedicated servers and very powerful computers to operate efficiently, which is often overlooked until you have the software in-house and experience poor performance. All this goes into understanding the cost of a particular software package.

What all users inevitably find out is that once you begin using software tools, your experience and ability level increases and so do your needs. Software developers know this and use it as an opportunity to sell you more modules or upgrades, which require more expense, more training, powerful hardware and more often than not, significant time updating your data to utilize the additional modules. Some of the latest offerings from a lot of transportation software companies have been "LITE" versions attempting to draw you in with a low price for a software package with very limited abilities. Developers know that once you become proficient with the software that you will experience the limitations and will need to upgrade, requiring more Budget Busting Expense.

Bus Master is an all-inclusive package . . . and at one price. Bus Master will not ask you for excessive month maintenance fees like most of our competitors. Bus Master will not try to upgrade you to a more powerful version after your informed purchase. Bus Master pricing plan includes upgrades and technical support for a reasonable annual fee. You don’t have to worry about budget busting surprises and can rest assured your costs stay on tack.

Let's take a look at what you get when you purchase the Bus Master Transportation Package and see just how powerful YOU CAN BE.

Bus Master PRO Standard Edition
Bus Master PRO Inventory Edition
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